Sketches from The Queen Mother Celebrates her 80th Birthday

Sketches from The Queen Mother Celebrates her 80th Birthday

Shirley Flynn was my mother’s best friend and has been an important mentor and inspiration to me all my life, so when her daughters invited me to help celebrate her 80th birthday in New York City with other friends and family members, I jumped at the chance. Everyone in the group was quite petite except for me, the resident Amazon, which explains the second sketch.

  • The Queen Mother celebrates her 80th ...

    We celebrate the Queen Mother!

  • We fly into New York from all over.

    I feel like a stork in a flock of parakeets.

  • We spend the morning in Rita's Needlepoint Shop, looking at yarn and canvas.

    We eat lunch at a Greek diner.

    The boy at the next table notices Carol's necklace.

    "I haven't seen anything like that," he tells his mother, "since the Italian Renaissance!"

  • Around the Queen Mother, everything is a surprise and a delight!

  • Carol and I are crossing 79th on Lex when we see a little key on the street.

    It glitters like gold! Maybe it's the key to the city!

    I try to pick it up, but 100,000 taxis have impressed it into the pavement.

    So ... maybe it will still be there when we celebrate Shirley's 90th, just waiting for our return.

    Happy birthday, Shirley!